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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] Covers - Customize Your Content

Give your users the ability to customize their experience by setting cover images at various locations throughout your forum. Create a personal experience for your users to keep them engaged while still having control.

Administrator Features

  • Support for static images, animated images, and colors
  • Establish presets and default presets for content types
  • Control size of uploaded images
  • Ensure covers are properly displayed with full cropping
  • Set up...

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Anychance to get it working with XF 2.1 ?

You can try the attached version. It is untested so take a backup before installing, or (preferably) test on a test installation I can not provide support for this.


  • ThemeHouse-Covers-2.0.0.zip
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I uninstalled previous version 1.x of your addon an reinstall version 2.
But no option displayed to create new cover (in member space or threads)
Group permissions are set correctly


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Thanks for this. Would be great to see further development.

Suggestion - Support AMS (By Bob) so I can use covers for my articles in a similar way to using this for threads.