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[OzzModz] Covers - Customize Your Content

Give your users the ability to customize their experience by setting cover images at various locations throughout your forum. Create a personal experience for your users to keep them engaged while still having control.

Administrator Features

  • Support for static images, animated images, and colors
  • Establish presets and default presets for content types
  • Control size of uploaded images
  • Ensure covers are properly displayed with full cropping
  • Set up...

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I uninstalled previous version 1.x of your addon an reinstall version 2.
But no option displayed to create new cover (in member space or threads)
Group permissions are set correctly
Thanks for this. Would be great to see further development.

Suggestion - Support AMS (By Bob) so I can use covers for my articles in a similar way to using this for threads.
Would it be possible to get .webp support for cover images? Most of our resources are in this format to save on load times and storage space.
Enjoy the mod, have a quick css issue - where can I edit the code for the cover blocklinks? All other blocklinks in my forum display correctly.
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