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It is nice to get an email with attachments, but you may want to think about saving the input as thread in a forum or post in a thread?
This would be really perfect. :)
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@Robert9 this most likely should be implemented in another add-on.
As you mentioned before, could be integrate with Xon's Contact Us Thread add-on (apparently, it is required a small refactoring).
I will investigate this.
If this is an easy thing, i would love it.

And if you are borded somehow, you may want to look also for the prefixes of that forum choosen in XONs addon to offer them in the contact form for the new thread. This would be awesome and could offer many reasons more to use both together.

While using the thread forum, it would be also wonderful to switch off the sending of a mail by option. (if not i can comment it in source, i think)
Seems i still have no images saved in a thread, when using the newest version from here and the newest one form XON's contact to thread.
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If i have not missed anything, there is still no picture in my thread. :(
And maybe it would be nice to have an option to insert the images into the email?
If i have not missed anything, there is still no picture in my thread.

Hmm. Works fine on my test environment.

Any error logs?
Which version XF you running?
Have you any other add-ons that modifies contact us form or thread creation/view?

Also try with new version please (check your email within 30 mins)
I increased execution order for my class extensions (should run after Xon's Contact Us Thread initialized).
Mails with attached pictures are received without a problem, thread is done just in time. But there are no attachments in the thread.
Now with the last version 1.0.1 2 it is perfect.
Thank you for that wonderful tools. :)

Maybe you want to add some options like:

1. thread/post attach: attached, insert full, insert thumb
2. mail attached: attached, inserted (if possible)

3. Add the prefixes of the forum we use for XONs thread to the contact form.
Save one to the thread.

With that we could have a perfect tool for a lot of scenarios.
I have forgotten one more point:
4. To add the custom_fields of xon's target_forum as new fields for the contact_form would open further scenarios to solve.

Maybe there is another addon that extendes the contact_form with new form_fields? If so, i would be perfect to integrate them on top of the message. Or add something own to do that?
And there is a new problem now!
If you jump to the thread and this thread is not for the public, people will get an error that will confuse them.
Maybe there should be an option like:

Jump to thread (if xon's addon is used)
Jump to ?
Do nothing!
In xon/contactthreads/p/c/misc we found

    public function actionContact()
        if ($this->isPost() && !$this->svRedirectInProgress)
            return  $this->redirect($this->buildLink('login/contact'));

        $reply = parent::actionContact();

        if ($reply instanceof View && Globals::doLoginRedirect())
            $reply->setParam('redirectToLoginController', 1);

        return $reply;

We can change this to 0, but then the contact_form will be shown again.
$reply->setParam('redirectToLoginController', 0);

So that's also no solution. But i dont know how to solve it. Redirekt to the startpage? Show another template with "thank you. message sent"?

To show an error, while the target_forum is not reachable, is no solution. To show the form again means, that people will write a second or third time.
Also there
public $svRedirectInProgress = false;

and in pb/xf/p/c/misc we have
public $svRedirectInProgress = true;
Maybe best would be to change

        if ($this->isPost() && !$this->svRedirectInProgress)


            return  $this->redirect($this->buildLink('login/contact'));


and build the link to a custom page?
This Xon's solution restricts any my extensions. I will remove this hardcoded hacks in next update.
I think the feature to redirect to thread should be implemented directly in Xon's add-on because my add-on is not about this.
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