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[OzzModz] Change Attachment Name [Paid] 1.1.0

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I would like the names of the attached files to retain their original name. For example, if I attach an image with the name of a dog1.png then I should store it with the same name, and do not change it to a random name of many characters that have nothing to do with what the image is.

I think this add-on allows you to rename the file after uploading it, which is a bit tedious having to do it every time you upload a file. Can't add an option for attachments to be stored under their original name?


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XF's attachments system stores and displays original file name out of the box.
What you are talking about is likely attachment hash. Are you using third party attachment add-ons or another attachment storage system?


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installed and working:
  • (y) 301's built in to xf work
  • (y) image optimizer still fires (I use theme house addon with resmushit)
  • (y) Works with attachments on S3 using the xf adapter code
  • (y) buying from a non-English site was scary, but worked out ok. Used paypal for $2.50 fee.

  • it doesn't update the alt text to the new image name. Would be nice if it was optional to update it, and if none provided, use the new image name as a fall back
  • Would be nice if it also worked in the admin dash context as well, admin.php?attachments/ and as above, trickled into the post to update the alt text.
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Are you using third party attachment add-ons or another attachment storage system?

No, I don't use add-ons related to attachments. What I mean is that when I access the folder where the attached files are stored (I only use image files), the name with which it is stored is something similar to a hash, a long succession of alphanumeric characters.