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[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.3

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Not sure if this is the best place to post that, but I have a couple of suggestions. I hope at least some of them will be useful ;)

#1 Badge tier​

Optional feature (admin would have to enable it in admin panel), which add 4 levels of badges:
  • platinum
  • gold
  • silver
  • bronze

Levels would be visible from the profile and help page, for example golden and silver badges with corresponding coloured bars at the right:

Further development possibilities:
  • add an option for admins to define their own badge levels with custom colors/icons
  • show number of gathered badges sorted by badge tier, example below

#2 Stack of badges​

Badge categories are useful, but sometimes they are not enough. Especially in case of similar, repetitive badges. For example, let's consider badges for achieving consecutive years since registration, in this case: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. Right now it looks like this if we use only badge categories:

Stack of badges (or something similar) would be much more visually informative, for example:

How this example works:
  • badges of lower "level" are showed inside the highest "level" badge
  • user still can choose any of lower "level" badges to display in his profile
  • description of lower "level" badges would be visible on hover/click event

Further development possibilities:
  • add locked badges from the same stack (they could be greyed out and moved to the right edge for example)

#3 Repetitive badges​

This might be useful especially for competitive badges (for winning in game tournaments or forum competitions). For example - let's consider badge for ending up annual competition on the first place. If this competition happens every year for 10 years, it would be better to have just one badge instead of ten. But what if someone won more than once? Right now we can solve this problem by writing it out in comment section. But for user it would be much cooler to have given that one badge twice (separately), so he could feature both won editions in his/her profile.

I would suggest to give an option like "multi badge", so it wouldn't be enabled by default.
@Ozzy47 @Painbaker

I'm glad you liked my suggestions enough to implement them :) If you are looking for further development plans, I have further ideas.

#4 Name templates​

It's an idea designed more for repetitive badges, but it could just as well be used for any badge.

Namely, some sort of tag could be added in the badge name, such as {tag: default name}. Then the badge description could include a reference in the form of {tag: name}.
  • badge name: Winner {comp: forum} competition
  • default name of badge awarded: Winner forum competition
  • badge name if the "reason" field is entered "{comp: winter}": Winner of winter competition

Usually, however, it would be useful to swap the year/season number of a given tournament for repetitive badges. It would then be useful to remember to include an empty default field (e.g. European Champion {year:}).

Alternatively, a field could be added for a variable to substitute for the tag when awarding the badge.

#5 Multiple tabs in profile​

You can further expand the range of badge uses in a simple way - by dividing them into different tabs in the user's profile. Some of them can be used as a collection of badges for forum activities, others as trophies for tournaments in online games, others as awards given in forum voting plebiscites. When someone separates these uses, it's a good idea to have separate tabs to make it easier to link the designated award categories.

Each badge category could be assigned to a new tab (these would only show up if at least one category was assigned there, even if the user in point did not have any badges there).

If dynamic profile tab generation is too complicated to implement, you could add hard-coded assigned badge categories: badges, trophies, awards. The bookmarks would be assigned categories, not individual badges.

#6 Turn off badge feature option​

It would be nice to have an option to select with each badge whether the user can feature them in the profile or not :) This would combine well with the suggestion about multiple tabs in the profile (because, for example, we may want to allow feature only badges, but trophies and awards no longer).

#7 Preview of chosen category​

Again, this is a suggestion related to the division of badge categories into different tabs in the user profile. Let's assume an example scenario:

  • I award badges for various forum activities, which can be featured in the profile
  • separately I have categories for trophies for winning tournaments in games (which category is displayed in a separate tab, as suggested in #5)
  • I don't want users to feature them along with normal badges (so as not to mix the two categories), but I would like thumbnails to be displayed at the bottom (you can either scale the badge image or add one more per badge to the fields with different resolutions, e.g. 1/4 resolution and make it an optional field) of selected badge categories (i.e. all trophies). You can also set a limit (preferably modifiable) of displayed icons

  • icons can even partially overlap to fit more of them on the screen (it's kind of a stack)
  • ideally, it would be arranged in some sort of a click expandable menu, but still in the same area of the post where the badges featured, or also above the signature
  • when you hover the mouse over the icon, the name of the badge should be displayed (in the example described, it is the name of the tournament for which the trophy was won)
Option to modify "Award Reason" is gone, why?

Also option „Sort Order: Disabled (Featured Badges Only)” is also gone. Now if user dont feature any badge, its forced by sorting order… always :/
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The only available option for me is „Take away” and I can’t find any privilege to set it up.
Check if your user is a moderator /admin.php?moderators/
There's hard-coded "is moderator" condition in badge award reason edit check left from legacy versions

Removed it in the coming patch.
Already tried to disable and enable all those options, but nothings resolved that issue.
Did you run "Rebuild user badge cache" rebuild job after that?
Featured badges are cached, any change requires a rebuild
Is it possible to remove the "ozzmodz" from the URLs? I prefer clean URLs and would like just "badges" etc instead of ozzmods_badges and so forth.
Anyway, what permission allows to edit reason of a badge?
Users with "Award user with badge" permission have access to editing

It should fill in other badges even if I have one featured.
As originally designed - if you select one favorite, any non-favorites will no longer be displayed.

If I remove the feature, still only one badge is visible in postbit and profile hmm.
Check the "Max number of featured badges" permission
As originally designed - if you select one favorite, any non-favorites will no longer be displayed.

Ok. Fair enough. But still, if I remove the one feature, it still only displays one badge. Rebuilt all caches. And it doesn't even feature the most recent one (which it should according to my options).

Check the "Max number of featured badges" permission

It's at 6.
I've set badges for Mods, Super and Admin on the basis of being a member of tat user group ONLY and yet a super (who does have some limited admin options) gets assigned the admin badge, negating the user group requirement. Another issue is I've created a badge for those who submit 10 resources to get the predefined badge but its given on a single submission.

Suggestions welcome; Thank you.
Show screenshots of your user criteria.

By default there is no "super admin" usergroup. It means u created one.

Also if you used this default criteria:


as you can read "is a member of ANY of the selected user group".

Most likely your super admin is also part of another usergroup which has that privilege for that badge.

Test the resource criteria one separetely on a demo if possible to see if it works on default installation.
By default there is no "super admin" usergroup. It means u created one.
Administrator type
  • Super administrator - Super administrators have all administrator permissions and can manage other admins.
  • Regular administrator
I should have clarified, I was specifying the permission. My "super-moderators" which is just a term for a mod who can global moderate is a custom usergroup. This is one badge that is only to be given to those in the Super Moderative group and not the others (including regular mod).


no other perms are set;

update; I seem to have fixed it, at least the moderator one. Those with "admin" abilities still get an admin badge. I'm using the same method of USERGROUP management. IF member / IF not member. I will double back on my configurations.
You are doing it the redundant/wrong way.

If you are targeting only the people with "Super Moderative", then it is sufficient using just one criteria. You don't need to use the "User is NOT..." criteria. The first one takes care of it already, since if a user is found to be in "Super Moderative", then he gets it. No need to check if he is NOT part of other groups, those are not relevant in your case (from what you told).

Also in your first reply you said that "your super gets assigned the admin badge", which means there is something wrong with the criteria set up for admins, not super mods. You posted the wrong screenshot.

Check your badge criteria for admins, that assigns the badges to your super mods wrongfully.
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