[OzzModz] Auto Title & Alt Image Attributes

[OzzModz] Auto Title & Alt Image Attributes [Paid] 1.1.0

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No bad idea, but whats about a small add-on that just take the filename and use it as alt-text?
As long i rename my pictures to something like:


I could have such a wonderful alt-text:
This is a wonderful picture to have an alt-text.jpg

And now you may give me one radio-button (one is enough to work in charges) with "use filename or title for alt-text?", it would be perfect.
I have seen many addons with such a list to choose forums.
If i choose them all, it means that you save them all! And get every single one if needed.

Maybe it would be a nice idea to have an option "all or choose from list"
And then we have if all, do ... instead fetching data from the big list.

I have seen this in addons from xfa, and i think this should be standard, where it makes sense.
is it possible to rebuild for previous attachments?
No rebuild required. This add-on automatically applies alt & title attributes for attachments and embedded images "on the fly".

By default it works only for attachments & images with with empty BB-code "alt" & "title" options, like:


[ATTACH=full alt="example"]123[ATTACH]

These attachments will display defined from BB-code alt attribute.
You can override it by enabling special add-on option.
Promising new add-on.

1. Suggestion, request, question:
Perhaps expand it where each forum ads its unique meta data to the image ?

2. What is the importance in regards to SEO for doing any of this. Sorry my SEO research is a tad rusty. My philosophy has been a). Content is King and b). Speed, Speed, Speed.
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Nice idea, but I'd like to see it extended so that anyone who uploads an image is made to add an alt description. Or at least politely asked to.
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