Non-profit needs suggestions, Need basic what to do first, second, etc...

I've got a designer but, have no idea of what to tell him to do, after having xeno loaded up.
I'm setting up a non-profit to help deal with medical issues; insurance denials, claims, doctors - navigating the maze.
News and Community!
Taking on the banking/insurance industry is not going to be easy.
I've decided to have feature article center stage with a Twitter feed for latest news AND the forum.
Looking for some tutorials and how to get started so I can have ideas to relate and implement.
Any suggestions would be great!
This is such a vast question. Xenforo is a tool you use to get to your end goal. Do you know what your end goal is yet?
Yes. Goal is to have people post their own stories about
1. Health insurance denials and how to deal with insurance companies.
As an example
My wife`s Dr recently submitted for diagnostic procedure "A", it was denied.
Dr, as an alternative submitted for diagnostic procedure "B". It was denied because "you should have procedure "A" !

2. How and why you should check, collect and keep your own medical records.
3. Workers comp injury stories, how lousy system is and how to deal with it.

Goal is to find solutions that work and share those within the community!
Thanx for the great question.


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If you know the answers - you need to stuff it with some fake Q&A with some multiple user accounts.
Have Peter ask a question and have Paul and Mary reply to it with 'their' experience.

Seed the content.