XF 2.2 node heights


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how do i change the heights of my nodes on the front page.
obviously i made them wider in page setup but for my liking they are too bunched up vertically so i would like to increase the height somewhat.

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Ok sorry I’m new to this what is extra.less
Search in templates for extra.less

It is a template in xenforo which applies custom CSS (or LESS) for styling. If you have never used it then it will be empty

Paste in the code above that nicodak mentioned or the one I mentioned:

.node-body {
    min-height: 80px;

If you have several styles, make sure the template is for the style you want to affect.

As above, test its responsiveness by checking on desktop, tablet and mobile. (Most browsers have developer tools or extensions that allow you to do this easily)
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