XF 2.2 No results when including template into member_view


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I've added a custom tab in the member_view template, so I'm trying to include my custom template into member_view, but there aren't any results.

I have a controller called TestMember and a basic finder:

public function actionIndex (ParameterBag $params)
        $test = $this->finder('Test\ILL:Battles')
        ->where('user_id', $params->user_id);

        $viewParams = [
            'test' => $test

        return $this->view('Test\ILL:TestMember', 'test_member', $viewParams);

In my test_member template, it doesn't seem to be getting anything from $test.

Would this be the proper way (including my template into member_view) to get finder results into the member_view template?

Jeremy P

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