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[NICK97] Better Logout - XF2 [Paid] 2.2.4

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nick97000 submitted a new resource:

XENMAX BETTERLOGOUT FOR XF2 - this addon was developer by XenMax, this addon lets users can logout all computers

this addon was developer by XenMax, this addon lets users can logout all computers and mobile or users can logout one one of time or more.

Key feature:
- can logout more then one of the time or all
- can set Logout options in Preferences

  • Follows the basic XF addon procedures:...

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I do not see this marked as un-maintained.

Since it is a free addon you could download and test it on your test install. ;)
Still we don't have XF2.1 forum to try
We are preparing to upgrade our 1M posts forum from XF1.5 to XF2.1
So I am making an Excel sheet to know which add-ons are compatible with XF2.1 (we have 52 add-ons)
That sounds like a reasonable way to go. Hopefully someone who used this addon knows. But to be honest, it is unmaintained so I would consider dropping it.
GameNet updated [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2 with a new update entry:

New Features and repairing main issues

  • Added permission to use add-on features
  • Fixed Setup.php file.
  • Missing xf_user column change
  • Added ability to logout other users from ACP
  • Fix: logout all devices does not work
  • Renamed new xf_user column to follow XF add-on requirements
  • Added Support [NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2
Thank you to @OzzModz and @Painbaker from https://snogssite.com/ for helping me with the development of...

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GameNet updated [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2 with a new update entry:

Subscription required to download any free resources

This add-on requires monthly subscription payments this is due to people are sharing my resources without my permission and consent and any free resources from XenShop will required a monthly subscription plan. As I known most people will not be happy with this choice that’s I may but i needed to make sure my resources are protected from illegal nulled websites

Subscription starting at $15 per month for any XF2 Premium addon list in this...

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Hi @Ozzy47

I am very sorry for not responding much sooner our office was closed around 9:00pm - 11:00 am. So I couldn’t respond during that time.

Honestly there is nothing you can do
if there is no solution for stopping illegal sites, The restrictions will remain in-place until solution can be found

they will end up on nulled sites.
If you have remembered I have hired you for your help with some of the add-on custom development including website verification and countries restrictions add-ons for both of my website and I have noticed the big drop of users are not sharing my paid add-on (only seems to be working for newer version and paid add-ons) since I installed website verification and xfrm countries restrictions.
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