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Most likes - Displays a Most likes widget.

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Displays a Most Likes widget.

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I get a link that reads "Most Likes - 7 Days" - and when you click it it takes you to the most likes list under the Members Page. Is that working as intended, or should we still be seeing a graphical box in the widget with member avatars? Not seeing any option that would turn that on....

Never mind, Andy. Guessing it was just a caching issue, since suddenly it's magically there. ;)
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HI Andy

I know you're a fella rider and you're on my forum, I think.

Will this addon show results of whos' got the most likes this month, last month etc?

There was a 'top posters' plugin I used on 1.x XF but since I've upgraded, I didn't know a lot of stuff wouldn't work.

I think this plugin might help me or gamification etc for members at the end of each month where we pick a winner blah