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ModQueue - Simple moderation system

Shows all posts from all forums sorted by date with ability to moderate them. Moderated posts are no longer displayed in the list. Simple and effective

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Checkout repository to library/ModQueue. Install Addon via addon-ModQueue.xml. German Translatiion included: language-ModQueue-Deutsch.xml

Give user or group the right "[Modqueue] Can moderate posts"

If your user has the necessary rights (see above), you...
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yes, it founds links even in quotes. But i found a bug: some links wouldn't be found. I was looking for [ URL ] and so links with [ url="" ] wasn't found. I will upload a bugfix shortly (with new features).
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This addon has the following issues:
  1. It does unindexed queries on the xf_post table!
  2. Adds column to xf_post rather than hooking into (message_state = 'moderated') and the xf_moderation_queue table.
  3. Not compatible with various addon installers. xml file in the root, and an uploads folder (contents o uploads as to be copied to the web root of XenForo) is the standard practice.
  4. Includes the .git folder in the distribution zip.