Mini Square Smilies (Blue)

Mini Sqaure Smilies (Blue) v1

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Mini Sqaure Smilies (Blue) (version v1) - Mini square Smilies that deviated from the common circular look.

Mini Squared Smilies (Blue)
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Summary: Mini Squared Smilies (Blue)
Install: Upload smilies to ftp then goto admincp >> smiley manager add the smilies setting the coordinates
Format: PNG

Conditions of use: This pack may be used on forums & websites, this pack cannot be redistributed or repackaged in...

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:D I knew someone would ask. These were designed years and years ago and spritesheets hadn't made it to forums so that's why there isn't spritesheets included. I'll Try and post them up asap.
I love them without but it's cause you say on the install use the co-ordinates thingi I was like where is it :D