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Member Search [Paid] 1.1.0

Quickly find members with certain criteria

  1. Thomas.B

    Thomas.B Well-Known Member

    Thomas.B submitted a new resource:

    Member Search - Quickly find members with certain criteria

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  2. Thomas.B

    Thomas.B Well-Known Member

    Note: Please post only pre-sale questions in this thread! Post everything else on my website forum. Thank you!
  3. Thomas.B

    Thomas.B Well-Known Member

    Thomas.B updated Member Search with a new update entry:

    New feature: „Order by Distance“

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  4. Floyd R Turbo

    Floyd R Turbo Well-Known Member

    That's awesome, been waiting for an addon that does this!! This is perfect for my hobby/club forum...as long as people have entered in their city location, this allows them to find other people near them, this is actually kinda a big deal for me!
    Thomas.B likes this.
  5. radu81

    radu81 Member

    will this addon work with custom dropdown fields? thanks in advance
  6. Thomas.B

    Thomas.B Well-Known Member

    Currently only the search criteria that are stated in the desciption are available. Please have a look at the „Extensibility“ section in the description for more info about adding new search criteria.

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