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Member Search

Member Search [Paid] 1.1.0

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Thomas.B submitted a new resource:

Member Search - Quickly find members with certain criteria

With this add-on you can quickly find all members that meet certain criteria. This add-on adds only one new page to the „Members“ section that contains both the search results and the search options.

After you clicked on the „Member Search“ tab you will see the following page:

On the left, the search results are shown and on the right the criteria for the current results are shown. You can change any of these criteria to...
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Thomas.B updated Member Search with a new update entry:

New feature: „Order by Distance“

Added the sort order type „Distance“ which is available if the current user has picked their current location from the Autocomplete List (since 1.0.0-b6).

Please note that the calculation of distances requires a formula that is computationally expensive. However, a few hundred calculations should not be a big problem, even for a low performance server. But if you have a very large user base,...
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Floyd R Turbo

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That's awesome, been waiting for an addon that does this!! This is perfect for my hobby/club forum...as long as people have entered in their city location, this allows them to find other people near them, this is actually kinda a big deal for me!


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Currently only the search criteria that are stated in the desciption are available. Please have a look at the „Extensibility“ section in the description for more info about adding new search criteria.