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Unmaintained Mark a post as unread 1.3

Mark a post as unread.

  1. au lait

    au lait Well-Known Member

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  2. otto

    otto Well-Known Member

  3. Lemminator

    Lemminator Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this Add-On . this help us :)

    runs perfect in beta !
  4. au lait

    au lait Well-Known Member

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  5. Lemminator

    Lemminator Well-Known Member

    Runs perfect with 1.5 Rc2 ! Thx
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  6. JedCalloway

    JedCalloway Member

    I'm excited about using this add-on, it will solve a lot of problems for us. But when I try to install it, getting this message:

    Callback phc_MarkAPostAsUnread_Listener_Listener::load_class_controller is invalid (Invalid Class).

    I'm running 1.5.3 ...
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  7. au lait

    au lait Well-Known Member

    You have not uploaded all the files correctly
  8. JedCalloway

    JedCalloway Member

    You were correct, I had not. Thank you, now it's installed and working! Thank you!!

    However, now see what I did not understand before:

    This add-on marks a post as "New" for everyone on the forum - I had imagined it just marks a post as 'unread' for yourself. That is what I really need.

    Is there a way to modify this so I can just mark posts 'unread' for my own user - and not anyone else's?

  9. Broe

    Broe New Member

    Thank you for this nice addon! Works fine and is highly appreciated!
    Is there any chance to get the posts marked as unread only for the current user - not for ALL users?

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