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keving´s Latest Threads Ticker



What does this addon do?
With this addon, the latest threads are displayed in a ticker on your Forum Home or any other place you want it to be.

It can be setup in the ACP, except the style variables. The colors should fit the most common Styles. If you need help in adjusting the colors, please contact me.
It´s also possible to use a rtl direction.
You are allowed to post this addon to your board. Don´t forget the credits.

Version Information:
Initial release of v1.3 for Xenforo
Updated to v1.4 after errors has been reported. Info added if no nodes have been added. Colors are made Xenforo conform

Fix (Credits to netrix):
If you have Display Problems as described here add this to your Extra.css
.left #ticker-title span{

Installation Instructions:
  • Extract the file Latest Threads Ticker.zip
  • Upload the content of the upload folder in to the root directory of your forum
  • Open your Admin Control Panel and click to Install New Add-on -> Install from uploaded file and choose the addon-ThreadTicker.xml File.
  • After the xml File is installed open in Home -> Options-> keving´s Latest Threads Ticker
  • All settings have clear explanations. Should have:) However, if anything is "unclear" , do not hesitate to ask me
  • It´s recommended to set Cut Thread Title? to 1 and Cut Title Length to a maximum of 43. Just play around with the Settings till they fit your needs.
  • Open Apperance -> Templates -> enter Forum_list, open the Template and after

    <xen:include template="ltt_ticker" />
  • Save and Exit
  • Set up the Usergroup Permissions !!!
  • My Teammate Kevin, who has done this Addon after I've annoyed him :D Danke das Du mich ausgehalten hast.
  • jquerynewsticker.com where the original comes from
  • vb.org where i got the Idea from :p
  • Digital Doctor for the Video
  • Xenforo for this great piece of Software - Please, don´t forget html in RSS Feeds :whistle:
Ticker, Live in Action

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If you feel generous donations, for the coder, are always welcome btn_paypal_donate_small.gif

DO NOT forget to go in to the Options (as described) and enter the forum(s) you want to be shown!!!

If you are using a fluid width of your Forum Style you can play around in ltt_ticker.css with the #ticker width. Don´t forget to suit the setting in the Options Menu.


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I am sry. Because of lots of things i had to do in the Background i forgot an important part ;) Works now ;)


Just a small update. Please read first post. No updated version because to make sure that all Templates added with the xml will be deleted too. Thats why a reinstall of the new xml is needed. Sorry for any circumstances


For all guys with that Error.
Got ACP -> Settings -> Latest Thread Ticker Options -> Allowed Forum Nodes
And put there an valid Forum with Threads ;)


Updated to 1.4 - Please upload all files and upgrade the xml.


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That would drive me insane up there. Good idea, nice mod, but not something I could use.


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In the ZIP I found an upload folder and I also found a library, js and styles folder in the zip where the XML is located which files should I upload?