XF 2.2 Is there a up to date guide on how to duplicate your site for testing purposes?


Hello! I have a Xenforo forum that was previously a vBulletin forum. The forum has been around for about 15 years in various forms and has a few million posts and the database is several gigabytes. So we don't do upgrades super often until we are very ready to do them. I am also the sole admin and am not super server techy. So when I do an upgrade I clone the forum, test the upgrade a few times to make sure it works ok and then I do it on the live server after doing my backups and things.

Basically is there a more up to date guide for how to do this whole process? I've been using a guide from like a decade ago written for vBulletin, which involves basically doing an SQL dump when SSH'd into the server, then doing a targz of the files themselves, setting up a blank forum install with the version the site is currently and importing all that data into that test blank forum, making sure that all works and then doing an upgrade.

If there's a simpler way to do it that'd be great!


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The process is essentially the same.