Not a bug IP address bug - 'More Users' Issue


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Recently I have noticed that some users are having shared IP's, even though I know they are not the same person or using the same IP address. The reason being is that I am finding my own user log in other users logs, and obviously I know I am not logging in as them and vice versa. In fact on my own name there are like 3 different users logged under my home IP address (!?). Clearly a bug but not idea why it's happening or why these users.

I am looking via the admin panel and clicking 'more users' when on the IP address part of a user profile.

Not sure how many users it is effecting as only looked at myself and a few others, but it's weird. Sometimes there is no IP address whatsoever, even for people who logged in recently.


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This is typically due to a reverse proxy configuration on the server.

Typically adding something like this to the config.php file will resolve it


Your host will be able to assist otherwise.