How to increase real memory used ?


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I've been tracking memory usage for awhile, I don't see cache memory and real memory used increase even though a lot of traffic come to my site at a time, sometime my website laggy, can't load in about 1-2 min then it returns to normal
I want to increase Cache Memory and Real Memory Used, anyone knows? I'm grateful


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You're probably only going to use more memory than that if you have a really large database. If you have Elastic Search on the same server and it's a large index you could increase that's memory usage.

That's a lot of RAM though, I'm assuming your site is very large.

For your issue with the site being unresponsive occasionally, you should monitor the server load, SQL processes, I/O etc when it happens to see what could possibly be causing it. Likely it has nothing to do with not using over 10Gb of RAM.