XF 2.2 Has XenForo Thread URL Structure Ever Changed?


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This is a weird question for the old timers in this community. I'm fairly new to XenForo. I've only been around a few years. I'm wondering if the URL structure of those URLs that 301 redirect to thread URLs has ever changed. Take a look at what I'm referring to.

On this website's forum list page (https://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/), there are links like this:


Do you see the /posts/ part of that URL?

Well, on this site's forum list (https://www.goldismoney2.com/), and most other XenForo forums I've seen out there, there are links like this in the same template location:


Do you see how the /posts/ section is missing from the URL and how "post-2183753" has been appended to the end of it?

So my question is, has the URL structure of these URLs ever changed? Was there an update somewhere along the lines? Any assistance would be helpful.

Thank you.



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It has been the same since the first alpha.

The /posts/ URL is also standard.



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Yes, I've noticed that too. Why would they be used on the forum list of some themes though? I can't figure out why someone would use them as opposed to what comes standard.


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maybe the developer of themes prefer the posts url! i like it myself over the post urls available through thread pages. though not sure if xenforo offers a variable to use it over the standard which includes the thread url in it. :)