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Arty submitted a new resource:

Graphite - retina support, glyph fonts, compact nodes

This is a responsive XenForo style that uses modern technologies.

Style supports high definition displays, it is fully responsive, it has hundreds of style properties you can use to customize style.

Style Features:
  • High definition display support. All images have HD counterparts, you can set HD logo.
  • Glyph fonts. Style uses Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro instead of XenForo sprites. You can even assign custom glyphs for navigation tabs....
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Arty updated Graphite with a new update entry:

Update for XenForo 1.4.3 and Resource Manager 1.1.5

Style has been updated to support XenForo 1.4.3 and Resource Manager 1.1.5

Also the following changes were done to style:
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Compact threads feature has been reworked. Now you can apply compact threads only to normal and/or to sticky threads. You can also select what nodes compact nodes feature is applied to.
  • Sticky and normal threads are now separated in compact thread mode with customizable block.
  • In nodes list function to collapse/expand categories has been...
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on first look its awesome, maybe buy it if author put some discount for next holidays,
Christmas Eve or New Year


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@Arty How to update your theme, i create new theme base on Graphite theme
i have to import new XML Overwrite style Grapite or just new theme ( called my styles )
I downloaded Orange / red version show demo, customize colors , and i import in my xenforo after that i create new style called KG base on Orange / red version

Then i updated import new XML style Overwrite style Orange / red version . is this correct ? because i still see
Outdated Templates as cta_featuredthreads.css


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That shouldn't be happening and I don't see those errors in any browser. Probably something in your Chrome installation got messed up. Try hard-refreshing page to reload cached files and restart browser.


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Then you can ignore that message. It is caused by way XenForo handles templates created by add-ons, which often results in templates listed as outdated even though they aren't outdated.


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Arty updated Graphite with a new update entry:

Bug fixes, support for more add-ons

Changes since version 1.0.2:
  • Bug fixes
  • Built-in support for XenPorta add-on
  • Better support for Widget Framework add-on
  • Built-in support for Extra Portal add-on
  • Better support for XenForo Media Gallery add-on
  • Glyph Icons Pro has been updated to version 1.9
  • Options for full width sidebar on mobile devices (enabled by default)
  • Improvements for message layout on mobile devices, these options work only when option to wrap messages in additional block is disabled:...
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Arty, Mike Edge just installed your style on a new board for me but the "Sign up now," button is not working. The link above ( sign in and logon ) is working. Mike asked me to ask you about it? Please see the attached screen capture.

sign up now button.jpg