Google ReCAPTCHA – I’m not a robot - Issues


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Google ReCAPTCHA Issue Description/steps:

1. Open link

2. Given ReCAPTCHA, select checkbox for “I’m not a robot”

3. Now, user click on icon “Get an Audio Challenge”.

4. System displays link “download audio as MP3.”

5. Also Help text in text box as “Type the numbers you hear to solve the C……”

6. When click on link “download audio as MP3.” system opened link in new window.

7. Also user unable to type in textbox as listen in new window???

PFA for more details.


Tracy Perry

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Does it do that when logging in as a new user and not going to a test site that Google has set up to show it off?
When I clicked on the headphones on the XenForo site setting up as a new user with Safari, it opened in a new window and began to play it.


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You may want to contact Google about this as it's an external service which we have no control over.