Google Adsense tips and visual overview of ad positions [Deleted]

I have decided to re-enable auto ads for 5 days and I will observe and see if the performance is better than After first post and Container content Below
I'm running auto ads for a few days now. It's too soon for conclusions yet so I'll keep it running a few more days or weeks.
First day, revenue dropped by 75%. But it is getting better every day.
We'll see where this ends..
Ok, I think I'm done with Google auto ads...


Blue line is auto ads revenue, compared to dotted line which are fixed ads for the same period.
The fixed ads are just 3 ads: top, After first post and bottom.

The user experience for auto ads in Xenforo is terrible! Lots of ads in weird locations, very intrusive. Revenue dropped massively.
Bye bye auto ads!
How to make advert appear in thread paragraph e.g 1st paragraph -----post content 2nd paragraph----ads 3rd paragraph.....thread content,
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