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whitesky submitted a new resource:

Fresh - A beautiful, crisp light theme with easy to change color styles

Beautiful | Responsive | Multi-color!

Fresh theme is a beautiful, simple and — fresh! — style for Xenforo 1.5. Fresh theme uses light and clean visuals that’s easy on the eye, while outlining your content with beautiful...
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Hi Finnigan, thanks for your interest in Fresh theme! I took down the theme demo and removed out of stock just temporarily as it's receiving a rather large upgrade with all the latest NulumiaBase features. It will be back up within a few days at the most if you'd still like to take a look :)


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Great! Look forward to seeing it and perhaps buying it. Looking for a simple light look like this.


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An update on Fresh theme, the work needed to get it updated into the latest NulumiaBase framework and code turned out to bea lot more than expected, but it's nearly finished. The theme will be receiving all the latest features such as header ticker system, new visual layout for the header (social, login, visitor tabs etc), side by side nodes, and the new Jquery functionality.

These updates will also lay the foundation for the upcoming PrettySlider and Home Featured Content going into all Nulumia styles.

I'll also be adding some additional color presets such as Yellow and Orange.


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whitesky updated Fresh with a new update entry:

Major NulumiaBase Upgrade - Xenforo 1.5.21 - New Features - HTML Widgets & More

July 6th, 2018 | Theme Version 1.6.4

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

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This update is a major overhaul and upgrade, bringing countless new improvements, bug-fixes, and major features!

NulumiaBase 1.9.x is a...
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