Forum is not sending emails. Error with the SMTP


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Where in the admin panel do I fix this error. I know what the error is, the forum email password doesn't match with the one in the admin panel. I don't remember how to fix it.


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Google doesn't support third party app access anymore.

Screenshot 2022-06-11 171335.jpg

Because of this members of my forum will not be able to receive email notifications anymore. Is there any way around this, I'm not quite sure if this is specific to non workspace accounts or anything google related either. Is there any way around this. I really don't want to have to change the forum email address to something that isn't google since it's too much of an inconvenience.


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Cant you sent it through your own domain/server?

Gmail CAN do it if you set up 2FA and then set it up as a device with a special password they dictate. I had to do that last week at work, for a copier that was emailing scans via gmail. It works fine again, after going through the steps above.