Forum Innovation


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Today Facebook launched "Facebook Questions". A few years ago Yahoo and Google did the same and they launched their Q&A products. There are several forum variants like Stack Overflow and they are just like a forum with some big improvements and innovations over the traditional ones.

If you see the trend in the market, the big players of the Internet are trying to get something like forums because they know a forum can generate a lot of traffic and a lot of content. And they are working hard to achieve it. That's why forum companies must innovate their products and stay ahead of competition. Right now some of the most important forum solutions are resting in their laurels and this situation has worried me a lot.

But now XenForo sees the light and finally I know that forums are still competitive in this game of content. I see the features of XenForo and I know my users are not going to miss Facebook because they are going to find a lot of nice features in this product that will work just like they expect them to work and won't seem outdated.

What do you think?