Lack of interest Flag problematic member (staff auto-follow)

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It often happens that staff encounters a suspect member that may be a spammer, troll or engaged in illegal behavior but its not clear enough to give a warning for. Or when we want the staff to take notice of a certain members behavior. In such case it would be useful to be able to flag a member.

Flagging a member should put the member on the follow list of staff members without displaying this on the profile of the member / staff.
There should be a field to fill in the reason for flagging the member.

Another cool thing for having such function is that it would be easy for the addon community to base functionality on the flagging of problematic members.
For example in case of automatic promotions there could be a criteria 'is not flagged'.
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Adam Howard

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I'd like such a feature.

Helpful for those times when you're busy and just need to do admin duties on the fly. Quick and easy tracking on such individuals is a plus.