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Exclude From Conversation - ThemesCorp.com

Exclude From Conversation - ThemesCorp.com [Paid] 1.0.1

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Allan submitted a new resource:

Exclude From Conversation - ThemesCorp.com - This add-on allows you to exclude members of a conversation!

This add-on allows you to exclude members of a conversation!

We added two permissions:
- The creator of the conversation can exclude members it wishes
- General permission for the moderator generally used to exclude members even if it is not the creator of the conversation

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Sounds odd, but what's the purpose of this add-on Allan?
If I wanted to exclude someone, I simply wouldn't include them in the convo...
or kick them from the convo. So what's the purpose of this and how would it work? ie, a 3 way conversation.... I reply, would the excluded member not receive the PM but the other member would?
And if the conversation continued, would the member then see the rest of the messages?
Sorry for the daft question.

PS the sticky thing works now. It was a call define error with member.php
Disabling the other add-on fixed it.