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au lait

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au lait submitted a new resource:

[by] EUCookie - Displays a bar to obtaining a consent for the benefit of cookies.

Before using this add-on reads the "Important notes" of the add-on in the lower part note!
This add-on is used on and can be tested in action here.

This addon is a complete implementation of the new Google guidelines to inform the use of cookies on your website.
But it must be used not only for this purpose!...
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a question (bevor i try it out ;) ) - when I update this addon, then the users they have set this to ok with a previus version of this addon ... have they set it new to ok or ist the ok from a older version saved?

But thanks for this addon, german law is horrible at this point. ;)

au lait

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1) Enable debug mode
2) in the option add <br> to linebreak (see attachment)

3) Template Modifications -> [by] EUCookie -> Edit footer - and add "xen: raw" see attachment

4) disable debug mode

result (after "this site uses cookies." is a linkebreak)



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HI as u described above i added the line break function to my Website and it works lie a charm :D

but i noticed that it doesn't work when its not a popup as u can see in my attached Screenshot.
How can i fix that?

with best +DS_DV+ Zwischenablage02.jpg

PS: is it possible to center the text (with BB or HTML code?)