Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons

Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons 2.2.10

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Black Tiger

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I just got a message from a user who found an inconsistancy. And indeed he is right. I use English so I didn't notice.
Now the "Reply" is translated to "Citeer dit bericht" but that is:
a.) Too long, because on mobile devices you might want this as short as possible
b.) Creating a confusion because you don't quote het hele bericht maar alleen selectie.

My user said, if he selects a line, and then chooses "Citeer dit bericht" on the right below side, it will still quote the full message (which is correct).
If he selects a line and chooses "Citeer dit bericht" there, it only quotes that line not the "bericht".
The multi quote is translated with "Citaat", but that is a "zelfstandig naamwoord" and you want an action so it should read "citeer" or "citeren".

However, if you have to Citeer or Citeren options next to each other when selecting a line, this creates another confusion ofcourse.

Anyway in fact the right side option should read "citeer selectie" but it's not possible because full quote and selection quote uses the same word in the language file, they are not 2 separate words.

So wouldn't it be a good idea to change the Reply to something like Citeren or Citeer and then the Quote (which is in fact multiquote) translation to something like Multi or if you still want to use longer words, maybe Multicitaat to make the difference more clear but don't use "dit bericht" anymore?

Be aware, this is just an improvement suggestion, I know I can do my own changes, which I already have done by the way.

Mr. Jinx

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Good one @Black Tiger!
I always disable multi quote, because it is to complicated for new users.
But you are right, the translation was a bit confusing.

How about this:

Multi quote enabled:


Multi quite disabled:


It would be even better if the bottom right 'Citeren' and selected text 'Citeren' were using different phrases, but they are the same in XF.

Black Tiger

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and selected text 'Citeren' were using different phrases,
You're quite right. But unfortunately indeed.... nothing to do about that.

However, using "Citeren" instead of "Citeer dit bericht" is a lot better.

As for the selection popup. You can use +Multi Citaat, however, maybe that is a bit much text for on mobile devices, which is why I opted for just +Multi.
However, there will be users which do not understand this, so I'm also fine with +Multi Citaat.

I always disable multi quote, because it is to complicated for new users.
I would love to disable the normal quote, but leave the option to quote a selection.
Tried that in Ozzmods mod, but the code I got enables the quote buttons again on the last post without selection. So I have to look a bit further.:)


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Yes, then probabaly as normal is that this translation is only updated to 2.2.9 and is only compatible with that version. So you have to wait until Mr. Jinx is realeasing a new version :)