D.C Style - Story

D.C Style - Story [Paid] 1.0.1 Patch 1

No permission to buy ($25.00)


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Thumbnails still appear to be broken for me..



This is nice! Purchased and setup today.

2 questions about future development:

  • Possible to allow use of MOBILE camera to capture and attach the photo?
  • Possible to overlay some texts or emojis on photos attached?

I could help finance those 2 future developments if you want ;)


@D.C Style few bugs I found:

-- Deleting stories on DESKTOP when clicking the 3 buttons to dropdown the menu, you click "delete" and browser prompts a warning message saying "This page couldn't be found"

However, deleting your stories on a Mobile phone doesn't prompt that message, it brings up a thread delete popup where u can choose to delete your story, However, it doesn't remove your story from the timeline on the widget.. there's still a little icon of your story on the timeline even after deleted.