[cXF] Conversation Button

[cXF] Conversation Button 1.2.0

No permission to download


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That's strange. I'm not getting this on any of my forums.

Have you edited that template? Maybe you have outdated templates?


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I'll get back to you, BassMan. That's why I initially said I wasn't sure if it was the addon, because I have some other weird stuff going on right now in relation to syncing two servers. Just hadn't had an error yet with any of the other couple addons I'd tried, so wanted you to confirm if it was something you could replicate on your end. Thank you.


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there is a way that this button opens a private chat in the Siropu Chat 2 plugin? that plugin adds a button similar to the Start Private Conversation button



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Is their away to remove it when in a conversation with that said user?
It is not visible on the conversation page. But to remove it in posts when you have started a conversation with a particular member - no, this will not be changed.