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Hoffi submitted a new resource:

[cv6] NodeIcons - easy change the node icons

Just created my first AddOn for XF2, yes!

It was a part of my training, and maybe someone find it useful.

With this AddOn you can change the displayed icon for every (standard) node, like forum, category, link and page. The Icon will be displayed instead of the default icon.

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This AddOn works with the default Theme, if you change essential parts of the theme in your own styling, there may be changes to the template mods neccesary...
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There is an issue with sub-forum icons on the index. The old icons are not replaced by the new ones on the index only as seen below.



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I am just on vacation. I'll be back in 10 days. I have this at the top on my to do List when I'm back.


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Hoffi updated [cv6] NodeIcons with a new update entry:

Beta 3

  • Minor changes to work with Beta 3
  • moved js File to own directory inside cv6 area.
After updating, you can safely delete the two files:
  • js/cv6/nodeicons.js
  • js/cv6/nodeicons.min.js
The new JavaScript file is located in the nodeicon folder.

This Version works with an XenForo Beta 4 with the original Design.

If you changed your design and/or the Icons are not shown up, please drop me a conversation.
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It would be spectacular if the category icons issue I mentioned above, just started working out of no where.