[CSCN] Debug Defender

[CSCN] Debug Defender 1.0.0

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ShikiSuen submitted a new resource:

[CSCN] DebugDefender - Block access to the debug report page + allowing you to decide whether the debug footer shows up.

When using Development Mode on an active site, the debug information appears at the bottom of every page, compromising certain confidential intelligence. This plugin deals with this by:

1. Automatically replaces "_debug=1" to "_debug=0" to block the access to the debug report page. There's an option in the "Board active" setup in the AdminCP.
2. Hide debug footer to anyone by default, but there's an option to make it visible to admin users.
3. Reduced contents displayed in the debug footer...

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Thank you. I noticed the debug info on the footer just today and I was shocked. This add-on is a quick way to restore it back to what it looked like previously.