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Convert attachments all - Converts attached PNG images to JPG images.

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Converts attached PNG images to JPG images.

PNG images are very wasteful as they are 10 times the size of a JPG image of same size. By default all PNG images...

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Why is this conversion useful?
Because JPGs are smaller in size, and they are widely supported across almost every platform and service imaginable. If you have a forum community where members post a lot of images daily, using JPG format will help these pictures load faster - a feature that members who suffer from slow internet speeds, will appreciate greatly.

PNGs are generally larger than JPGs, use up additional storage space, and potentially slow down the responsiveness of web pages. If you wish not to overwhelm your users' devices, you may want to go with a forum JPG converter - which will give all your users quick loading times with minimal compromise on quality.
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