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Thread title field: its same color as any other input. Style properties -> forms -> text controls, focused state.

Add-ons: I don't know. Never tested those add-ons.


Is there a css change to move the up/down navigation buttons up from the bottom of the screen? They get covered by Arrowchat, so I'd like to push the up. Found the CSS and tried to adjust the top position into negative, didn't work; also tried adding margin/padding to the bottom, no joy.


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Arty updated Black Responsive with a new update entry:

XenForo 1.5.14 update

This is an optional update. Previous version will work fine with latest XenForo as long as you don't try to revert template "navigation". That is the only template that was updated, code changes in that template are completely optional.

Other changes:
  • Improved support for Article Management System add-on.
  • Quick search should look the same in Safari as it does in other browsers.
Artodia Styles Framework add-on included with style has been updated as well. If you are not...
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Will this be updated for Xenforo 2.x? When?

Graphite gray/red would also work for me, but neither seems to be available for 2.x.