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Ban by Hostname 1.0.2

Ban hostnames from registering on your site

  1. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    Snog submitted a new resource:

    Ban by Hostname - Ban hostnames from registering on your site

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. silence

    silence Well-Known Member

    Since XF uses an external IP lookup system, why not do the same and integrate using http://domainapi.com/ or an equivalent service?
  3. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    For the most part, that is what this does when you have Whois enabled.
  4. silence

    silence Well-Known Member

    Yeah but it's less files lol.
  5. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but my way is free.

    I don't mind suggestions, and I've looked at domainapi.

    I can find no place to register for the username and password that are required to access the API. I can find links to different departments, including a 'sales' department. That leads me to believe there is a charge for using the API.

    I could be wrong, but gaining access appears to be hidden or has a cost. There aren't even instructions on how to get a username/password from them anywhere on the site.
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  6. silence

    silence Well-Known Member

    Oh I thought it was free. My bad!
  7. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    LOL, it may very well be free. But they certainly don't make it easy to register. Either that or I'm blind. :D
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  8. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    I just realized something that might be a problem for some people.

    DO NOT put a space between the comma and the hostname/word you want to ban.

    I'll release an update that strips any stray spaces once it's been out there a while and people have had a chance to use it.
  9. Rho Delta

    Rho Delta Well-Known Member

    Can you add domain extensions as an option? Like all .RU email addresses? All of my users are American, so anyone with a foreign email is most likely a spammer or spambot.
  10. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    This doesn't ban by email address, it bans by hostname. There's a difference between those two. If a hostname is banned, they won't even get to the registration page to enter an email address.

    If the .ru is in the hostname you can already do that. Put .ru in the list. But that could also ban a host that's named 'red.ruby.com'. Unlikely, but still possible.
  11. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

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  12. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I have a lot hosting bots such as softlayer.com that seem to browse up and down the site.

    For example

    So I added softlayer to just block anything with that in there. Seems to have no affect.
  13. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    They can browse, the mod stops them from registering.
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  14. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    This really should be extended with the option to ban by hostname (as the title suggest)
  15. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    Actually I ran nearly a year long test doing what you suggest on my vB site using the vB version of this mod, and just recently killed that option.

    Everything was running as expected until I checked some pages on Google. Evidently Google uses other server hosts to spider pages. I had several pages showing the message 'The system you are using is not allowed to view this site' in Google. When I saw that, I immediately killed the option since I had no idea which host Google was using.

    Beside that, checking every IP that visits your site becomes very server intensive and could eat up precious server resources. Without a fairly powerful dedicated server, that could be a major issue.
  16. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

  17. Tom_

    Tom_ Member

    Still working? Any updates?
  18. Snog

    Snog Well-Known Member

    Still working. No updates. :)
  19. adwade

    adwade Active Member

    Quick newbie question: Why is localhost one of the default banned host names?
  20. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    There are a number of dodgy ISPs who set the reverse DNS of IPs they control to be 'localhost'.
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