Anyone use the XF tag system to create a categories menu?


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Like most of us, I have the tag system disabled. I think it’s too confusing/unorganized for regular members to be using.

But I’ve been wanting to create some pre-defined categories that can be easily linked to. I’m torn between using prefixes, search forums, or tags.

Prefixes are identified by the node they’re in. So if you use the same prefix in multiple nodes, it’s not easy to link to that prefix in a menu.

Search forums could work but I feel like that’s a “heavy” way to do it. I would rather not have all of those nodes.

Tags seem ideal. They’re like prefixes but they aren’t tied to a specific node. They even have their own page that could probably look pretty slick with some template edits. I found this one that has a simple edit to put them in columns and use only one font size:

With that all being said, if you use tags to organize categories in a menu or on a special page, I’d like to see it. I’m mostly interested in tag useable where only the admin can apply the tags. If that’s how you do it, mind if I have a look?