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Ads [Advanced] 1.1.2

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turkyalawlqy submitted a new resource:

Ads [Advanced] - You can add any type of ads anywhere you want


Product Features

The possibility of adding advertisements to unlimited
The possibility of the appointment of specific groups to display their ads
The possibility of a declaration temporary (ends at a certain date)
The possibility of the emergence of activating or deactivating the announcement
Possibility of amending or deleting the announcement with ease
Determine the possibility of the declaration of a computers and tablets and the announcement of another mobile devices (to...
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On this screenshot: http://xenforo.com/community/attachments/ads2-jpg.74092/
Large ads will be hidden for small screen device right?
So how it is hidden?
If CSS then it will violate Google Adsense TOS.
Are not taken in order to hide the ads are not taken to the violation of privacy
Is verified, type of browser if Mobile is choose to display mobile ad
But if it was a computer display advertising devoted to the big screens

The sense that it is determined by one or advertisements are called all

I don't think he actually means hidden just smaller or responsive.. I will try and remove the lower code and see if it goes away..
No one can leave the fields empty must be put ads
To be shown whether the big or small screens

Was explained above to proceed