XF 2.2 Addons development Queries


Hello All

As the title says I am planning to develop and sell XF add-ons. I have a few very basic questions before I finally publish my paid addons.

Forgive me if my questions are dumb.

1 - I have seen many paid XF addons available on nulled sites, Is there any way we can fight piracy in our addons?

2 - Can I re-create/re-design an addon as a competitor with some additional features in it?


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Whow. Ask for fight against piracy and how to copy the best?

Isn't that a bit schizophrenic?


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What you can do, is build-in a license system that checks continously for an active license. If not found the addon will automatically disable itself. The way to build that in and secure so no one can crack it, you have to find out yourself :)