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[100 €] Always display content if it is (1) read or (2) from author


Well-known member
I want to display always content (posts,threads,attachments) to current user - visible, deleted, moderated ... - if it meets these criteria

ACP options
(x) always display content which was read from current user
(x) always display content which was published from current user
Example: Take this thread, which second post was later removed and after some time the whole thread got deleted.
  1. user a: Hello Jimmy (read from users a,b,c,d,e)
  2. user b: I sell stolen goods (read from users b, c) (post deleted later)
  3. user c: I am not buying (read from users b,c,e)
  • Users b,c can read the whole thread, as they read everything.
  • Users a,d can read first post, as they only read this post.
  • User e can read the first and the last post, as he read them - he never read the removed middle post.
  • All other users (f-z) can not even see the thread as the tread was deleted/approved...
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