👨🏼‍💻 Theme Customisation (Web Design, HTML, CSS & JavaScript Expert) ✅ [£25/h]


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Hi everyone!

My name's Adam, I'm the admin at the https://webwide.io/ XenForo forums and for 10 years have been freelancing as a web designer & developer.

I care a lot about performant and great looking websites.

I've been doing a lot of customisations on my own XenForo forum and don't think that there's much I could not achieve.

My hourly rate is £25/h or I can quote you a fixed price if you have a specific job in mind.

Sites must be licensed and you should be prepared to demonstrate proof of this if there is any concerns.

You can find my website at https://adamgreenough.me/ for more info about me.

Many thanks,


Brad P

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Same for me and I went to someone else in the end. After prompting after messaging and he responded with being extremely interested i replied after that I got nothing back from him.