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SEO Consulting + xenForo Installation + Plugin + Theme + SEO Settings and More

Premium xenForo Installation Pack

• Idea and Pre-Planning for the Project (optional - free)
• Hosting / Server Selection
• Adjusting PHP Functions and Settings
• Installing XenForo from scratch
• Theme Setup
• Logo Work (optional - free)
• SEO Compatible Site Structure Construction
• SEO Compatible Link Building
• Cloudflare Setup (optional - free)
• SSL Installation & Configuration
• Profanity Prevention System Integration
• Arrangement of User Registration System
• Optimization of File Upload (Image / Video etc.) System
• Basic Settings of Message Subject System
• Spam & Attack Protection
• Ranks Configuration and Special Rank CSS
• Arrangement of Advertising Areas
• Installing Required Extensions
• Optional Add-ons and Configurations
• Litespeed Cache System
and more!

Only $29.99

Why me?

Hello, I'm Celil, I'm 16 years old. I have been dealing with xenForo for 6 years. I have been authorized in many forums, I also set up many forums. I already have many forums. I do not only provide installation service for the forum site you will open as a person who is burning with the love of the forum, we sit with you and talk with you, it would be nice, the members like it. I have always been known for forums in the market, I have always dealt with forums. You can be sure that I will serve you in the best way possible.

xenForo Installation & Forum Consulting

xenForo completes your installation in the best way, I start to make the plugins and remaining settings suitable for your forum, then I install the theme you want. I fulfill the necessary details and the features you want for your forum.

In fact, I think that you need someone who guides you more important than the installation, I step in here, I offer ideas for your forum, we discuss what we can do, we talk about every detail in a nice chat environment.

Sorry for bad english... I used translate.
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