1. fahad ashraf

    [XB] You Hack ( [you] Mod) 1.1.0 Alpha

    this magic add-on will replace [you] with visitor name Features: user can use [you] in thread , post as text it will be replace with visitor name admin can set guest name as visitor [you] mode works forum home , thread list , forum view , thread view and other places Pricing Add-on costs...
  2. Daniele Guidi

    Guys, how do you install XenForo?

    Guys, how do you install XenForo? My name is Daniele and I'm Italian. I discovered this fourm today, and I think it's a good one for me. I wanted to ask you if there is the possibility to install XenForo on your pc, to create a personal forum. Sorry, but I'm a neophyte in this field. Could you...
  3. Eagle

    People You May Know 1.0.3

    Like Facebook or Myspace, this add-on will display random people from the site with the title People You May Know. -Number of members -Displays usernames with Tooltip -Displays members with avatars only -Random people (People You May Know) How to install this add-on the following steps 1...