xenforo development

  1. R

    XF 2.0 Need help in creating link in custom addon

    I am developing ab addon which display conversation, but having an issue i.e. conversation title (alias) and conversation_id is not adding to the link When I write following in template <a href="{{ link('UserConv/message', $userConv) }}" the link always remain "UserConv/message" but the alias...
  2. K

    XenForo 1.5 custom homepage on Laravel and on other server

    Hi all, I'n new in XenForo, and I'm web developer, work on php I have a question. I have a forum on xenforo 1.5 and I need to make a small CMS on Laravel, which will be the main page of the site. The CMS will pull up widgets and media from the forum to display. And the CMS will be on another...
  3. anmol dubey

    How to add post specific catagories

    I want to achieve something like in this forum http://www.mytokri.com/discuss/freebies/?ref=menu1 They have associated two custom fields with every thread (Store and Catagory) They are also displaying specific threads for perticular store (Or catagory) If i click on the link. Can someone...