xenforo customization

  1. K

    Add-on Xenforo coders for stable collaboration (till 2000-2500 € monthly)

    I need one or more coders for a stable and continuously collaboration, oriented to develop add-ons and plugins for Xenforo, and generally each customization. I can give you many many mods for each month (till 2000-2500 € monthly) Let me know if you are interested
  2. Gemma

    General Chatter

    http://www.generalchatter.co.uk I've never, ever showcased any forums on any platform - started out using phpNuke and phpbb in my teens before spending a decade or so ago onto vBulletin - so bare with me if I waffle on here! Anyway, I've been a member of xenforo for a wee while now, started...