1. whitesky

    Elegance (+ 7 Theme Presets) 1.1.0

    Elegance – Premium Light Responsive Theme Suite Elegance is our new beautiful theme suite for Xenforo 1.5+. Elegance uses a soft, clean palette with fine attention to detail, and looks beautiful on all device sizes! Packed with hundreds of features, you can create any type of theme you wish...
  2. eTiKeT™

    [XenGenTr] XenFooter 1.0.1

    [XenGenTr] XenFooter It's my first plugin I have developed for Xenforo 2 and it is free :) Maybe it's not a big, functional plugin, but it is a big step for me. You should also know that I am happy to share this plugin with you. I do not speak English I am sorry if I have a mistake. What is the...