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  1. johncircle

    PHP Error of Integrating Discord (Xenforo)

    When I enable the addons of Xenforo, it shows this. My server in another host with SAME php version can make this with no error. So it is not the plugin problem. An exception occurred: Undefined index: instant_invite in /home/blackfor/public_html/library/EWRdiscord/Listener/NavTabs.php on line...
  2. Xenforo Forum’da Eklenti Kaldırmak

    Xenforo Forum’da Eklenti Kaldırmak

    Xenforo Forum’da Eklenti Kaldırmak Nasıl Olur?
  3. R

    XF 2.0 Why it exit when I save for update a page in admin cp?

    Hello, Don't know if there is any such option exist or not but I have feel the current option as a problem. When I do update something and "save", it redirect me to the all node page but not the same node which I am editing.. So every time I need to reopen that item again and again.. So I...
  4. Luiss

    2 xenforo installations

    Hi again xenforo community. I got another question. It is possible with one lincense to also have a local installation? So i can test things before it goes live? I appreciate the help Cheers!
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