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  1. A

    XF 2.2 [Sidebar Widget] How to only show recent threads with attachments only

    I want sidebar widget to show recent threads which contain attachments or links only. Not all the replies and threads without attachments. I know it require some condition to be set in widget_new_posts but I dont know. Please help
  2. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How can I add "my Bookmarks" and "I prevously commented on this thread" widgets to the sidebar?

    Hi Guys! How can I add these or other widgets to Xenforo? Thanks !!!
  3. truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement 2.1.4

    Description: Support more options to widget threads. Much like Widget Framework threads for XF 1.5.x Supported options: Types New threads Recent threads Most viewed Most replied Most reacted Threads does not have reply Show threads from specific user groups Only show sticky threads Only show...