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widget framework error

  1. Alfa1

    Add-on [PAID] Fix remaining Widget Framework issues

    Widget Framework 2.6.3 Beta 5 needs fixes for a few remaining issues: https://xfrocks.com/widget-framework/threads/bug-xfmg-media-renderer-does-keeps-loading.462/ https://xfrocks.com/widget-framework/threads/the-server-responded-with-an-error-the-error-message-is-in-the-javascript-console.473/...
  2. Live Free

    XF 1.4 View Full Server Error?

    My server error is throwing several similar errors every minute related to a plugin. Server Error Log Error Info ErrorException: Undefined variable: forum - library/WidgetFramework/WidgetRenderer.php(498) : runtime-created function:1 Generated By: Unknown Account, 5 minutes ago Stack Trace #0...