widget display conditions

  1. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Widget not showing to regular users

    Some time ago, I've set a widget for showing the most active users, but I want this to be seen by logged-in users only. So I set the display condition to be $xf.visitor.user_id but today I realized that only admins can see it. Could anyone help me understand what is going on? Is there any...
  2. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How to create a specific widget that only shows up in specified node ?

    Hi! How can I change the display condition for a widget so that it will only shows up in a specified node , category?
  3. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How can I add "my Bookmarks" and "I prevously commented on this thread" widgets to the sidebar?

    Hi Guys! How can I add these or other widgets to Xenforo? Thanks !!!
  4. Jonathan Long

    XF 2.1 Widget Display Conditions

    Adding a couple widgets, and I need to have them display for certain situations/users. The first one I want to display only to visitors. Got that one handled using this: !$xf.visitor.user_id Now, the second one I need to display only if someone IS a member of one specific user group AND NOT a...
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